Document. Don’t ‘create’.


It’s been a while since I posted here. One thing I really want to do, will do, is start blogging weekly. Reason being that I want to improve my writing skills, record the new stuff that i’m doing and hopefully connect with others who are also interested in (or doing) business.

Since my last post I’ve done a few things to get by business going:

  • I’ve set up my website –
    • I found eHost SO MUCH EASIER than bluehost. I’ve been able to add plug-ins for Facebook and Paypal, add a pop-up and also add a blog to the site.
  • I’ve set up a PayPal business account
    • After a bit of going round the house I managed to set up a recurring payment service and have linked it straight from my blog page
  • I’ve registered for a couple of networking events
  • I’ve created a marketing plan including social media marketing

So I feel like I making a good start. To be honest I was procrastinating a bit last week but have got back on it since reading most of the 7 day start-up book on Sunday. I was familiar with the content because I had signed up for the 7 day email course about a fortnight ago. I think my procrastination came from being a bit scared. Scared of failing. And I don’t know how to get over that really. But if I don’t try anything new then I nothing will ever change so I just need to get on with it and find some customers – cue networking event tonight. Baby steps. We’ve all got to start somewhere.

On the social media side of things, I’ve joined a couple of groups on Facebook and saw a post today in the ‘Build your social media business’ group. It was by a guy called Gary Vaynerchuk. I’ll retweet it. It’s fairly long for a FB post but the take-home message was ‘Document, don’t’ create’. As in, instead of the usual content creation for your customers instead we should be documenting our business journeys as what makes us unique is us.

As someone starting out I’ve read loads of blogs and posts about content creation and I’ve thought about what I can create for my business but reading that post has got me thinking that I’m going to try and document what I’m doing aswell. To  be fair anyone can create fairly basic content but documenting what I’m doing will add a unique, personal side to things which will hopefully be interesting to my followers (which to be fair are small in number at the moment but I’ve not too long started and i’m playing the long game.

So that’s where I’m at at the moment. I’m going to this networking event tonight so i’ll let you know how that goes, but until next time…




Progress to Post

In one of my previous posts I said that I was register with BlueHost so that I could set up a website for a SEO writing business. I did register but the website part…well that’s another story. To be honest I didn’t find it very user-friendly at all. I had to register with BlueHost and the register with WordPress separately, which wasn’t clear from the outset meaning I wasted ages and ages trying to figure out how to create the site. I’ve had a couple of WordPress blogs in the past, and now obviously, and always found it fairly easy to use (please note I have NO skills in website building) but for some reason I found it really hard to get the site the way I wanted it to i.e. professional and not like it has been built by a eager wannabe business-woman with no website building experience. Alas, that was about a week ago and I have lost all motivation in logging back in to try and sort it all out. luckily they have a 30-day money back guarantee for the hosting service only downside is that you have to call them IN THE STATES. Yes the USA. Charming.

So that’s on my to -do list now.

In the meantime however I need to keep it moving so I have just registered a new domain with eHost for my new business. Its going to be a social media management company called Post and I’m quite excited that I have an idea that I think I can make work!

I’ve had the idea for a couple of weeks now but I finally decided to pursue it a few days ago after my idea for setting up a freelance agency fell by the wayside. I was thinking a name when I true me-style I got distracted by email. Luckily this time the distraction worked out well as I received the 3rd part in the 7-day video series by the 7 Day Startup founder Dan Norris ‘Day 3 – Choose a Business Name’. He talked through various naming strategies but 2 things he said really stuck out for me:

  1. Businesses change over time and the name may (and probably will) change in the future.
  2. Customers don’t really care anyway as long as you do a good job.

I stopped stressing about it and went with strategy 3 which was to use an industry term and Post social media management was born!

In case you’re interested the 7-day start up email course I’m following is available here.

See you soon



My first Entrepreneur meetup 

On Tuesday I went to my first business meetup. It was a meetup group based around the concepts on the $100 startup book by Chris Guillebeau. 

I was an informal meetup in a pub next to Waterloo station and once the members had found each other (the pub was very busy) the convos flowed easily and everyone I met was really friendly and open.

I went there to meet other like minded people and this group proved great for that. I met people with a range of current and potential businesses from photography tours in India to social media management. I also got a little feedback on one of my business ideas which was positive (although I think I’ve decided on something else now. Note to self: create a post about my business ideas).

I was great to meet some new people especially people that are interested in business. We all have friends or family members that we can talk to about this stuff but it’s much easier and lot of the time, more productive, to speak to people in the same boat as you or people that that taken the leap into lifestyle entrepreneurship.

In addition to this being my first business meetup, this was actually the first meetup of the group. The organiser, Graham, lives in Tokyo and was in London for a couple of weeks so just decided to set this up (Thanks Graham!). I volunteered to set up the next meeting since he will be out of town so I need to sort that out this week. I hope lots of people will come again as it was a nice evening and the people I met were really interesting. I definitely recommend this meetup to others who want to make the move into business.

Fingers crossed for a successful second meetup.


3 things I’m doing today to get me closer to my goal



I have been knee-deep in business blogs over the last few weeks and yesterday I came across something (another thing) that really resonated with me. The blogger was saying that whatever you do, you should always be doing something in order to move closer to achieving your goal of running a successful business. Even if it’s small steps, slowly but surely. It got me thinking last night about the next steps that I can do today to work toward my goal of running an online business and these are 3 things that I came up with… Continue reading

What I know vs. what I don’t know

At the moment it feels like there’s a lot I don’t know. Hell, I’ve never run a business before so it’s not just that it feels like it, it’s actually that there’s a lot I don’t know. I’m trying to not let that put me off because everyone has to start somewhere, right?

So I may as well start with the things I do know…

  1. I want to start a business
  2. I want to be more creative
  3. I don’t have much money
  4. I want the business to be based in the creative industries
  5. I want to be able to run the business from anywhere

I guess that still leaves me with a quite a wide remit. I have looked online at various types of businesses, the typical ’50 start-up business ideas’ type thing and have got some inspiration, namely that I think a ‘middleperson’ business would suit my needs the best i.e. setting up an agency or similar business that brings consumers and producers together and taking a cut. I like the sound of that but I haven’t had a eureka moment yet (and I’m not sure if it will ever come!). Some very early ideas are a medical writing agency, a blog content writing agency or a cleaning company. For all three I could set-up a team of freelancers and would need to find the customers who require the work to be done, and obviously take a slice of the pie for myself. It sounds easy, but is it really? I’ll be able to ask some entrepreneurs that very question this Thursday when I go to a lifestyle entrepreneurs meetup in south London. It’s my first visit to a business meetup and I’m really looking forward to hearing about how others have moved into self-employment. I’ll report back here of course to let you know how it went.